The Parody Diaries

A series of music video parodies with varying humour styles. This was a personal project inspired by other YouTube channels such as Key of Awesome and Epic Rap battles of History. Growing up, I had rewritten lyrics for a number  of popular song for my own personal amusement. After seeing other ‘artists’ using video to supplement the humour of song parodies, I wanted to give it a go myself.

It was an exercise that was intended as a bit of fun while gaining practice working through the production process and developing technical skills. Despite each episode being very low budget, the general feedback was positive and very quickly there were a lot more people wanting to be involved; it is quite amazing how a bit of hype can encourage people to want to help.

While this was a collaborative effort, I was responsible for writing the lyrics and shooting script, direction, editing and most of the camera work.

The two lesson learnt here are...

  1. You do not need a large budget to make an entertaining video.
  2. Getting people excited about a project can go a long way.