The Grange Players

The Grange Players are a theater group that write and perform their own plays to a local audience at the Grange Hall based in Southam, Warwickshire. I was invited to record a live performance, and on a second occasion to record rehearsals leading up to a show.

The live performance was a comedy set at a New Year’s Eve Party where a the most nefarious group of characters gather and all become suspects to a murder that takes place later in the night. It was to be recorded from two angles to document the performance and be edited at a later date. My own role was to operate the camera from the second angle, being was a static shot from the right wing of the hall.

Grange Players Screenshot

The rehearsal sessions were for one of their upcoming shows called The Heist, consisting of a number of comedy sketches exhibiting a dry and dramatic humor. This time the performance was shot from three angles. I operating the camera from straight on and was allowed more flexibility with the shot.

Grange Players Screenshot 2

Grange Players Screenshot 3

Grange Players Screenshot 4

Overall the experience was enlightening, not only did it provide some background knowledge on theater but also served as practice being adaptable and vigilant while recording live action video.