Devon Rosenblatt Showreel

Southam Through The Ages

A short heritage video documenting historical sites of the Uk town of Southam.

Southam Through The Ages Thumbnail

Amy & Matt: The Wedding

Congratulations Matt & Amy.

Amy & Matt Wedding Thumbnail

21st Century Southam meets 17th Century Civil War

A video short commissioned by the Southam Living History team depicting an reenactment by the Sealed Knot of the battle of Southam which took place during the English civil war in the 17th Century.

Lynette & Vince: The Wedding

Congratulations Lynette & Vince.

Lynn & Vince Wedding Thumbnail (The Kiss)

The Amazing Flying Lee

Roll up, roll up. Come watch the Amazing Flying Lee as he embarks on his first ever flying lesson.

The Amazing Flying Lee Thumbnail

Craft Company Baking Tutorials

Kathryn from the Craft Company shows budding cooks the basics of cake baking.

CC Vid I Thumbnail

How To Prepare Tins For Baking

Preparing A Sponge Cake For Icing

How To Cover A Sponge Cake With Sugar Paste

Using Crimpers To Add Decoration

How To Dowel A Cake

Sundown – Last of the Chancers

A documentary on the self-proclaimed ‘runaway tramp musician’ Pottsie, telling us of his exploits busking across England. Includes Lego Music Video of his original song Sundown.

Sundown - Last of the Chancers


Music Video

Elysian Fields – Teenage Pregnancy

A short episode from a hypothetical TV soap-series called Elysian Fields. The theme of the episode is teenage pregnancy, however, things are complicated even more by a love triangle which is destined for disaster. Includes short teaser trailer before episode.

Elysian Fields - Teenage Pregnancy

Professional Brief

A cruelty to children awareness video. This short piece tells the story of a youth’s struggle while living with his drunk and aggressive father.

Professional Brief

Aids Awareness Video

A short advert promoting awareness of the causes of the lethal S.T.I. Aids.
Aids Awareness Video

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