Drive Rymans

A series of tutorial videos to act as learning aids for U.K. practical driving exam. Demonstrates driving maneuvers among other things. Commissioned by driving independent¬† driving instructor, Drive Rymans. Responsible[…]

Ten Minute Trips – Lost Villages of Liguria

Holiday video on the forgotten villages of the Liguria region of Italy, for online travel channel, Globetrotter TV. Broadcast on Showcase, Sky channel 212. Responsible for recording, presenting/ narrating, writing[…]

The Parody Diaries

A series of music video parodies with varying humour styles. This was a personal project inspired by other YouTube channels such as Key of Awesome and Epic Rap battles of[…]

Crucial Judgement

Crucial Judgement is an interactive DVD where the viewer takes on the role of a detective inspecting a murder mystery as he questions the suspects and ultimately has to come[…]

Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina is a digital media group project done using Photoshop, After Effects and Final Cut during my second year at the University of Lincoln. We had to think[…]

Southam Through The Ages

A short heritage video documenting the historical sites of the UK town of Southam.Responsible for direction, filming and editing.