Kurious Planet was created to showcase my work.

I grew up in a working-class background yet studied media production for five years and graduated from the University of Lincoln in 2008. Motivated by a passion for the art and a drive to succeed, I invested in equipment and sourced clients to build a portfolio and hone my skills, acquiring new ones the along away.

Having assisted on many varied projects and producing several of my own short productions, I'm familiar with all phases of the production processes, from pre-production to post-production.

I currently work for the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, creating videos that make a difference, from training staff to providing patients with critical information. It's a privilege working here, especially during the COVID pandemic when remote audiovisual solutions are in high demand; it fills me with a great sense of purpose. Please feel free to follow the preceding link to view the work we do.

It's been a long journey, and there's still a way to go.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Kurious Planet, and please feel free to browse the content available.


Independent Films

Feature length films I've worked on as a camera assistant.

Blade of the Assassin Trailer

Two assassins are forced to participate in a gladiatorial fight to death to save the life of their close friend - Revenge is a powerful weapon.

From the director of Creatures, Dawning of the Dead and Cute Little Buggers comes action packed revenge thriller Blade of the Assassin. With action and fights by Movieworks International, and fights using the Bujinkan Martial arts.

Invasion Planet Earth Trailer

After the death of his young daughter, Thomas Dunn is a broken man. When his wife falls pregnant again, he cannot believe their luck. However, his joy is short lived, as on the very same day, the people of Earth become plagued with terrifying visions of the end of the world. When a gigantic, all-consuming alien mothership appears in the sky and launches a ruthless attack on Earth’s cities, chaos and destruction follows! Tom must find the strength and wisdom to save his wife and unborn child. However, first he must confront a shocking truth. A truth which threatens the key to the survival of the human race The ultimate war for Planet earth is about to begin…


Getting your vaccinations in pregnancy

A 2D animation created in After Effects to promote vaccinations in pregnancy. Hosted on the Oxford University Trust YouTube channel and internally on screens situated across all sites.

The Nth Domain

A trailer made using 3D animation software, Blender, to promote a Sci-Fi Horror novel.

Other Work

Drive Rymans

A series of tutorial videos to act as learning aids for U.K. practical driving exam. Demonstrates driving maneuvers among other things. Commissioned by driving independent  driving instructor, Drive Rymans. Responsible for direction, recording, editing and graphics.

Ten Minute Trips – Lost Villages of Liguria

Holiday video on the forgotten villages of the Liguria region of Italy, for online travel channel, Globetrotter TV. Broadcast on Showcase, Sky channel 212. Responsible for recording, presenting/ narrating, writing and editing.

Ten Minute Trips – Hiking in the French

Holiday video on Hiking in the French Alps, near the town of Megeve, for online travel channel, Globetrotter TV. Responsible for writing script and editing video and audio. Footage provided by Globetrotter.

Travel Active – Europa Park

Holiday video on the German theme park, Europa Park, for online travel channel, Globetrotter TV. Responsible for writing script and editing video and audio. Footage provided by Globetrotter.

Southam Through The Ages

A short heritage video documenting the historical sites of the UK town of Southam. Responsible for direction, filming and editing.

21st Century Southam meets 17th Century Civil War

A video short commissioned by the Southam Living History team depicting an reenactment by the Sealed Knot of the battle of Southam which took place during the English civil war in the 17th Century. Responsible for direction, recording and editing.